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Zoe Stretch Hyrid


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Like a shimmering underwater seascape with its beautiful coral-inspired tree of life, this wrap will soothe you like the waves on a warm summer day.

Zoe is a batik dyed wrap with a design of purple coral on a blue green background. 

We have found the Wrapsody Hybrid to be an ideal first wrap. We love it with newborn babies because it can be pretied for 'popable' carries, it's super silky soft to the touch right out of the box and requires very little care. Unlike woven wraps which need to be washed and ironed and broken in a bit, the Wrapsody Hybrid can be machine washed, machine dried and no ironing necessary! It feels like your favorite tee shirt, but has plenty of support for older infants and toddlers.

Wrapsody Hybrid wraps are made in Bali, Indonesia.

One size fits all. Use for full term infants (39 weeks) up to 35 pounds.

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