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Thirsties Hemp Inserts

Thirsties Hemp Inserts


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Thirsties Hemp Inserts are our favorite way to add extra absorbency to any cloth diaper. Put it inside a prefold, fitted, pocket or all-in-one, it doesn't matter, the hemp will do its thirsty job and soak up lots of moisture!

Just like other Thirsties products, these are Duo Hemp Inserts, meaning they come in two sizes.
Duo Hemp Insert Size 1: For Newborn through approximately six months, or 6-18 pounds
Duo Hemp Insert Size 2: Fits four months through two years, or 18-40 pounds

Hemp is the ultimate boost in absorbency without adding a lot of extra bulk. Twice as absorbent as cotton, it absorbs slow and steady, a good pair with microfiber.

55% Hemp, 45% Cotton

This is a TWO PACK of hemp inserts.

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