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Thirsties Booty Love

Thirsties Booty Love


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Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth, this is a cloth diaper safe rash ointment that will keep your baby's skin healthy without leaving buildup on your cloth diapers.

Use Thirsties Booty Love as a preventative barrier cream. We recommend that you begin using it before bed when your baby starts to sleep four hours or more, or any time your baby might be exposed to a wet diaper for an extended period of time, like during long car trips. Simply coat the skin with a small amount of Booty Love and let it get to work!

The nourishing ingredients in this cream can also be used on dry and cracked skin. It's not just for baby!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil*
Oregon Grape Root
Myrrh Gum
Yarrow Herb*
Calendula Flower*

*Certified Organic

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