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Sloomb Longies


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Sloomb Wool Longies

These gorgeous pants do double duty as a cloth diaper cover and leg coverings for your little one! Sloomb is the ultimate in knit wool. These longies have such a soft feel and the knit is nice an strong, the highest quality wool longies you can find!

The Sustainablebabyish Wool Difference

Sloomb Sbish Wool Longies

Machine knit from öko-tex wool yarn, Sustainablebabyish Wool Longies are double layer and super soft. Wool longies are breathable and comfortable, useful in all weather conditions and for children from newborn through toddler. Wool is not itchy if cared for properly, and wool is not hot, rather it helps regulate your child's temperature, the longies will feel warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. 

Use your Sloomb wool over one-size diapers, prefolds, fitteds or any of the Sustainablebabyish fitted diapers: Happy Little Clouds, Overnight Bamboo Fitteds or Snapless Multi Fitteds.

Sloomb Wool Benefits

Wool is not only beautiful, it's bulletproof. If you have a heavy wetter and are having trouble keeping their clothes dry, using a Sloomb Wool cover over a fitted diaper or prefold is the ultimate in wetness protection. For an overnight solution, try the Sbish Overnight Bamboo Fitted and either Sloomb Wool Longies or a Sloomb Wool Cover. 

Wool doesn't need a lot of laundering. Just 3 or 4 covers will be plenty for full-time cloth diapering, so even though Sloomb Wool seems pricey, it can be economical in comparison to the number of laminated covers you would have to purchase to get the same protection.

Sloomb Wool Longies do double duty as diaper cover and pants! They are extremely durable for active little ones and make diaper changing a breeze since you don't have to take off or replace another layer.

Sustainablebabyish Wool Details and Care

Fabric Content: 93% Wool, 7% Lycra

Sustainablebabyish wool is ecologically and sustainably farmed. The dying process meets the industry's highest environmentally friendly processes. The dye is tested to be color fast and does not contain any toxic additives. Both the wool spinning and dying are done in a GOTS, Oko-Tex and ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities in order to meet the highest standard of quality environmental protection as well as be true to the Sustainablebabyish cultural and social committments.  

Laundering Instructions: Hand wash with a good quality wool wash, like Sloomb Cubes. Lanolinize with washing if your wool wash does not include lanolin, otherwise lanolinize every few washings. Remember, wool does not need a lot of washing if you allow it to air out between uses. Many families find they can wash just once a month. Lay flat to dry.

Sloomb Wool Sizing

Because knit wool has a bit of give and stretch to it, Sloomb Wool Longies are a flexible diaper cover option. Many families find they can roll the cuffs and start using their longies earlier, then unroll as your child grows. The waistbands are nice and stretchy with encased elastic for a snug and comfortable fit on all baby body types.

Remember, wool will shrink if washed on hot or put in the dryer. Follow all washing instructions!

Sustainablebabyish Wool Longies Size Chart 

x-small 5-12 lbs 0-4 mos 6"
small 10-20 lbs 3-9 mos 8"
medium 18-25 lbs 8-18 mos 9"
large 30 lbs+ 28 mos+ 12"
*All measurements/age/weight ranges are approximate.
(please use measurements first to determine size)

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