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Shabd Shibhori Linen

Sakura Bloom

  • 24000

Gorgeous, hand-dyed linen slings done by the renowned dye artist Shabd Simon-Alexander. Using the centuries-old Japanese Shibori technique, she has created patterns that highlight geometric shapes. 

With rich hues of blue and four patterns to choose from, you can wear your baby in a work of art! Each sling is unique, with the subtle varieties only seen in hand-dying.

Sakura Bloom Shabd Shibhori slings are rendered on the Classic Linen, a beautiful Belgian flax that has been painstakingly spun and woven to a supportive, strong and soft textile.

The ultimate in baby slings, the utmost fashion forward designs for your exquisite taste.

The Shibhori Line pattern has all-over color with variants of blue in lines across the width of the sling. With no wrong or right side, the design looks gorgeous on the tail of the sling and wraps over your baby like ripples in a pond.

On the Triangle sling, the natural linen shows through and the triangle shapes come together making snowflake-like designs in dappled blues. This designer sling is also multi-faced, so the pocket looks just as fabulous as the tail.

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