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Classic Sling

Sakura Bloom

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The Sakura Bloom Baby Sling will become a staple in your baby gear arsenal. It is a favorite of ours, with their gorgeous fabrics and comfortable gathered shoulder style.

Is It Worth It?

An $98 baby carrier can be a hard sell. I know what you're thinking. You can get one for $25 somewhere else. Or you could probably make one for half the cost. But those aren't Sakura Bloom slings.

Sakura Bloom slings are worth their weight in gold. The fabric is luxurious and durable. They are supple and soft, perfect for cradling your baby's tiny body. They break in easily, and the fabric glides through the rings with ease.

All of these points are important to consider when choosing a sling. The baby sling will become your most treasured possession. When your baby reaches toddlerhood you will reminisce about the hours you spent together with your sling. Precious moments that your little one outgrows all too quickly.

Is It Difficult To Use?

I won't lie, ring slings can take some getting used to. They go on easily, just over one shoulder like a sash, but some people find adjusting the fabric through the rings to make a secure pocket for baby a little confusing at first.

The Sakura Bloom Classic Linen Sling shines in this regard, however. Many other sling brands need a period of breaking in where the fabric needs to soften enough so that when you pull on it you can adjust it easily. Not so with the Sakura Bloom linen slings. They glide right through the rings straight out of the box, yet still lock in place to give you a secure carry.

It may take a week or two before you feel completely comfortable with your sling, but then it will be as easy as pie!

Why Linen?

Sakura Bloom uses top of the line linen in their Classic line of slings. Linen is breathable and durable. It won't pill like cotton. It stays smooth and supple time after time after time. It is easy to wash (delicate cycle, hang to dry), which we know is of top importance when it comes to baby goods!

Sakura Bloom slings are made in the USA with a simple gathered shoulder that creates a comfortable carrier for babies, newborn to 35 pounds.

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