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Rainbow Unicorn


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What's better than rainbows? Rainbows and Unicorns! Didymos now has #alltherainbows and this new design is just stunning with the prancing unicorns all over the wrap.

One of the great things about rainbow woven wraps is you can tell the top from the bottom and easily identify each rail!

Rainbow Unicorns is a bit lighter in color than its cousin Rainbow Fish due to more white weft coming through in the design.

Didymos wraps follow strict manufacturing standards to ensure a safe product for you and your baby. 

Rainbow Unicorn Didymos - Cotton Rainbow Unicorn

Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Surface weight: 270 g/m²
Color: Natural, Rainbow
Washable: max. 60 ° C, delicates cycle, use only liquid detergent
Age of child: from birth

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