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Overnight Hemp

Best Bottom

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Best Bottom Overnight Hemp Inserts

Eight layers of hemp and certified organic cotton make up these thirsty inserts. Specially designed with two snaps on each side. One set snaps into your Best Bottom shell, the other snaps to one of your regular Best Bottom inserts creating a one-piece overnight diapering solution with inserts that stay in place!

Best Bottom Hemp Insert Sizing

With three sizes, you are guaranteed a perfect fit. 

Size Small Inserts

  • Birth to 14 pounds
  • Green Edge

Size Medium Inserts

  • 11 to 22 pounds
  • White Edge

Size Large Inserts

  • 16-36 pounds
  • Blue Edge

Do the sizes have to match?

This is the most common question we get regarding the Best Bottom Overnight inserts. Do you have to match the overnight insert size to the size of the insert you will be snapping on top. No, you don't. If you do match the sizes, the inserts will lay a little flatter next to each other, but it's absolutely possible to use different sizes. Some of our customers choose to use large overnight inserts for the bit of extra absorbency they will give, but they snap a medium size insert to the top because that is what they use during the day. Feel free to experiment!

What is the best combination?

There's no question that we at Sprout Soup prefer natural fibers over the synthetic options. So our personal choice is to pair the Hemp Overnight inserts with Hemp Cotton Best Bottom Inserts. That being said, a big advantage of microfiber is that it absorbs quickly. Pair this with the slower absorbing yet thirstier hemp and you've got a winning combination of speed and absorbency with Stay Dry Microfiber Inserts.

Hemp and cotton will require multiple washes to get to their maximum absorbency potential. You may also notice hemp is a bit stiff. Drying with Wool Dryer Balls will help.

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