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Kokoala Coat Extension


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Kokoala Coat ExtensionThe Kokoala Coat Extension turns the coat you already own into a babywearing jacket!

Even better, you can start using it during pregnancy by flipping it over so the wider portion is at the bottom. This allows you to continue wearing your regular coat, eliminating the need for an expensive maternity coat.

When you're ready to use the insert for babywearing, flip it around so the wider portion is at the top.

Here's how easy the Kokoala is to use!

Kokoala - Baby carrying from Kokoala on Vimeo.

The Kokoala insert zips right in to your coat. You will need to select a zipper with your extension that will work with the zippers on the coat you would like to use. You can easily share the Kokoala with other caregivers or use it on additional coats by purchasing the Kokoala Zippers separately.

You will need to choose a zipper that is the same as the zipper on the jacket you want to use. There are a few basic kinds of zippers and using the interactive guide below you can determine which zipper is best for your coat.

If the naming is confusing to you (it sure is to us!) this little chart might help. Look at the zipper on your jacket, it might be marked YKK or YFD or it might not have a mark at all. You will also need to determine the material and size of the zipper. Here's the most common options:
Vislon YKK zippers will say "vislon" on them. Kokoala code VS
Metal zippers will look bronze/metalic. Kokoala code M
Coil or Invisible Coil zippers look braided when zipped. Kokoala code C

You can add extra warmth to this mid-season Kokoala Coat Extension with the addition of a Kokoala Fleece. Don't forget to order a Kokoala Hood for your Kokoala Coat Extension to cover your little one's head and keep him warm when babywearing! 

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