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kissaluvs Fitted M/L


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Kissaluvs M/L Fitted Diaper

Kissaluvs has adopted a shorter name, and now their products are known as "Kissa's." They have also changed their sizing system, so instead of Size 0, Size 1 and Size 2, they have the Newborn Fitted to replace the size 0 and the M/L or Medium/Large is now replacing the Size 1 and Size 2 Kissaluvs.

Kissa's Fitted Features

Made from 90% unbleached cotton and 10% recycled polyester, this fleecy fitted diaper is soft and absorbent! It feels like a favorite sweatshirt.

Kissa's fitted is a snap-close diaper with two rise settings. Fold the front of the diaper down and fasten with the interior snaps for a shorter rise. As your baby grows, you can leave the diaper unfolded and fasten with the top row of snaps for a larger fit.

Kissaluvs snaps have a lifetime guarantee!

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