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Diaper Sprayer


  • 3699

The OsoCozy Diaper Sprayer is an inexpensive diaper sprayer that isn't short on features!

Inside the box you will find everything you need to hook the sprayer up to the incoming water supply near your toilet. No special plumber tools are necessary. A water diverter is included so water will still be able to go to the toilet.

Why Do You Need A Diaper Sprayer?

  • Makes laundry easier and less messy.
  • Easily rinse stool off cloth diapers.
  • Helps control diaper pail odor.

Inexpensive Diaper Sprayer

The biggest complaint we hear about Diaper Sprayers is they leak. Unfortunately with plumbing fixtures this is always a possibility. Give the OsoCozy Diaper Sprayer a try. Hook it up, if you notice any leaking or it isn't working properly for you, let us know. We'll replace or give you a refund, your choice.

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