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Girasol Wrap Orchid Diamond Weave

Girasol Wrap - Orchid Diamondweave


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Custom Girasol woven wrap only available at Sprout Soup and other select retailers!

Sizes Available:
2.6m - Size 2 (with fringe) - $115
3.6m - Size 4 - $120
4.2m - Size 5 - $130
4.6m - Size 6 - $140
5.2m - Size 7 - $150

This Girasol woven wrap is created in the diamondweave pattern. The stripes are not solid, but have a diamond detail in them showing the mercutio weft through the color of each stripe. One side of our Orchid Girasol is a lovely deep blue which fades to turquoise and eventually grey before returning to deeper colors through lavender, orchid and purple. Named after a delicate flower which also blends its hues, this wrap will look lovely in all your favorite carries.

100% cotton

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