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Girasol Wrap - Parrot Cay Purpura Romana


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Our popular Parrot Cay, now with a Purpura Romana weft! 

Sizes Available:
4.2m - Size 5 - $135
4.6m - Size 6 - $145
5.2m - Size 7 - $155

This Girasol woven wrap is called Parrot Cay, a varying-width rainbow of bright colors! The weft on this version of Parrot Cay is purple, creating a depth to each individual hue. The rails on Parrot Cay are two different colors, making this an easy wrap to work with. Parrot Cay is woven in the Girasol diamondweave pattern, so each rainbow stripe is not solid, but has a diamond shape woven through in the weft color.

100% cotton

Care for your Girasol wrap:
Your Girasol should be washed with a free and clear liquid detergent, line or tumble dried and then steam ironed. Diamond weave wraps do not need a lot of breaking in, they will be soft and ready to go with just one wash! No need to braid your wrap or do any other breaking in, just use it!

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