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Fidella Onbu


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The Onbu (short for onbuhimo) is a simple and easy to use buckle carrier for older babies and toddlers. 

The Onbu is a simplified version of a buckle carrier where the waist strap has been removed and the shoulder straps connect right to the bottom corners of the body panel. Because there is less support in this style of carrier, it is best for children who have the ability to stand on their own. It is also best used as a back carrier. 

Moms who are expecting find the Onbu a comfortable way to continue carrying their older children because there is no waist belt to put pressure on their expanding midsection.

An Obuhimo, in short Onbu, is a babycarrier originating from Japan, which acts as a mere backpack and can be used from sitting age at a size from about 80 cm and a weight of 10-30 kg. If your child weights over 10 kg, but still can not sit independently, the Onbuhimo is currently not a suitable babycarrier for your protegee.

The Onbu is the ideal babycarrier for bigger kids who are already discovering the world independently but also like to be carried from time to time. It is working like a backpack so you can put the Onbu fast on and as well set it down.

Features of the Fidella Onbuhimo Back Carrier

Our Onbuhimo is very comfortably to wear for parents and for children. It is also individually adaptable and supports the recommended spread-squat-position.

  • Padded leg openings 
  • Infinitely adjustable backpanell and bridge

Tested according ASTM F2236-14 (USA) and CEN/TR 16512-2015 (EU) and CPSIA compliant.

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