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Fly Tai Outer Space


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Fidella Fly Tai Outer Space

The wrap is decorated with stars in circles and on their own in a very clean yet fun design. Although the Fidella Fly Tai starts out life as a jacquard woven wrap, it is then sewn into a functional and comfortable Mei Tai carrier.

Outer Space Blue is a double-sided wrap with light blue on the inside and dark blue on the outside. 

Outer Space Lilac is a double-sided wrap with one side in a deep purple and the other in a striking gold.

Outer Space Rose is a double-sided wrap with a subtle and soothing pink and cream color scheme.

About the Fidella Fly Tai:

The best thing we can say about the Fidella Fly Tai is VALUE. This carrier is comparable to wrap conversion Mei Tais (WCMTs) costing much more. At only $115, this is a steal!

The Fidella Fly Tai is an adjustable strap and panel carrier (designed after the Chinese Mei Tai) made completely from woven wrap fabric. The unique adjustability of the carrier means it fits babies starting at 3 months all the way through toddlerhood. The shoulder straps are padded-to-wrap, which means they have cushioning over the shoulders, but will open up so you can spread out the fabric creating a more comfortable carry for heavier children. The waist band is also lightly padded to help distribute the weight to your hips.

    This carrier is compliant to ASTM F2236-14

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