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Fall 2016 Wrap School (Wednesday Daytime)

Sprout Soup

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Wrap School is a 7 week course on woven wraps. Together we will take your wrapping skills to the next level!

This fall DAYTIME session we will meet every Wednesday at 11:00am.

*Curriculum may change based on attendees needs and desires.

Week One, Wednesday, October 5 @ 11:00am
Focus: Strand by Strand tightening, un-popable seats
Theory: Baby's habitat
Carry: Rebozo
Knot: Slipknot
Bonus Carry: No sew ring sling

Week Two, Wednesday, October 12 @ 11:00am
Focus: Taking up the slack
Theory: Spine development and positioning
Carry: Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC)
Knot: Flat Reef Knot
Bonus Carry: Short Cross Carry/Short Cross Carry with Ring

Week Three, Wednesday, October 19 @ 11:00am
Focus: Which way is up?
Theory: Keeping baby "in-arms"
Carry: Kangaroo
Knot: Knot-free tuck
Bonus Carry: Reinforced Kangaroo

Week Four, Wednesday, October 26 @ 11:00am
Focus: Staying centered
Theory: Baby's social development
Carry: Robin's Hip Carry
Knot: Ring finish
Bonus Carry: Poppins Hip Carry

Week Five, Wednesday, November 2 @ 11:00am
Focus: Being flexible
Theory: Back carry readiness
Carry: Rucksack
Knot: Tibetan Tie
Bonus Carry: Back Wrap Cross Carry

Week Six, Wednesday, November 9 @ 11:00am
Focus: Weight distribution
Theory: Dispelling Myths
Carry: Double Hammock
Knot: Candy Cane Chest Belt
Bonus Carry: Jordan's Back Carry

Week Seven, Wednesday, November 16 @ 11:00am
Bonus Week! You decide what we do, reviews, learn a new carry or just play with wraps!

Drop in any week for $15.
Purchase a 3-week pass for $35 (you are welcome to come to week 7 as well)
Purchase a 7-week pass for $65


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