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EllaRoo Woven Wraps


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EllaRoo woven wraps are a lightweight and low cost option for beginner wrappers. They are also a super wrap for the die-hard babywearers as the light fabric allows a wide range of wrap positions without added bulk!

Which size should I get?
Choose by your size:
4.2 m Small up to 130lbs and 5'4"
4.6 m Medium up to 160lbs and 5'8"
5.0 m Large up to 190lbs and 6'

These recommendations are made based on popular wrapping techniques. Expert wrappers will have different length wraps depending on the carries they like to do. A rucksack back carry uses much less length than a front wrap cross carry. In general back carries use less length than front carries, but back carries with multiple passes (layers of fabric) like the double hammock will naturally require more length.

What makes the EllaRoo unique?
With just the right amount of diagonal stretch, similar to popular brands like Girasol and Didymos, the EllaRoo is a top of the line woven wrap with one big advantage: it is lighter weight. This means it is cooler in hot climates and comfortable in the summer months. The wrap is also not as heavy, making it easier to pack, easier to wear and easier to manipulate.

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