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Constructive Eating Utensils - Fork Spoon Pusher Set

Constructive Eating Set

Constructive Eating

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The Constructive Eating Utensils are a favorite in our store! These Made in the USA fork, spoon and pusher are an ideal first set of utensils for your toddler. Reluctant eaters will be excited to use the truck-shaped tableware!

The Constructive Eating Pusher is often a confusing piece for adults, why not a fork, knife and spoon for a three piece set? Well when you are just learning to use forks and spoons, the task of getting food to stay on the utensil can be a frustrating and daunting one. This is where the Pusher really shines. Using the pusher in one hand and the fork or spoon in the other, your toddler can easily push food on to the fork or spoon, reducing frustration and getting more food into your little one's mouth!

You may purchase each utensil individually, or select the set of three and save!

Constructive Eating utensils are made in the USA and BPA free! They have a silicone rubber grip for easy handling. Purchase a Constructive Eating Plate to multiply the fun!