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Connecta Solar


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Connecta Solar Baby Carrier is a carrier made out of Solarweave, great for warm weather, using at the beach or to protect your baby from the sun. 

Just like the popular Connecta Baby Carrier, the Connecta Solar is a supportive baby carrier with quick-release buckles patterned after the Chinese Mei Tai. It comes complete with accessory strap which can be used to cinch the base of the carrier for smaller children, or as a chest clip when wearing your child on your back.

The Connecta straps are cross-able when in a front carry. Our favorite buckle carrier feature!

More about Solarweave:
Solarweave is a sun-protective fabric which blocks 95- 99% of the suns harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is highly breathable and non-irritating, even to sensitive skin. The Solarweave Connecta is constructed to keep your baby cool in the heat of summer as well as offering protection from the sun. Solarweve is a very strong fabric but with a soft cotton like feel. It is very quick drying and is the ideal hot weather baby carrier.

The Connecta is constructed fully in solarweave fabric with polyester padding in the shoulder straps and can be used at the pool or beach or in the shower. (Never attempt to swim with a baby in any carrier).

It has a sleek one piece design incorporating a large sun/sleeping hood that fastens with small buckles to the shoulder straps to keep your baby shaded or hold a sleeping head.

Connecta Baby Carriers are made in the UK and imported to the USA by Sprout Soup.