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Boba Family

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BobaAir is a lightweight workhorse carrier. It folds into it's attached storage sack making it the most portable carrier on the market.

Weighing in at only .7 pounds, the BobaAir can go everywhere with you and you will barely know it's there! Pop it in your diaper bag and you'll always have a carrier when your baby or toddler needs it.

The BobaAir is designed for front and back carries for children between 15 and 45 pounds. Made from 100% nylon to be durable, easy to clean and breathable.

Don't let the low cost fool you. The BobaAir still has premium features. An integrated sleeping hood supports your child's head when they are asleep or protects baby's precious head from sun or rain. The hood is stored away into a large pocket when not in use.

The BobaAir is shaped like a traditional structured carrier, with a waist strap that buckles and fixed shoulder straps. Fixed meaning they do not detach from the body of the carrier. They do have buckles which allow the length of the strap to be adjusted to fit a wide range of wearers. A chest clip (also called a sternum strap) keeps the shoulder straps in place.

Front and back wearing for children 15 pounds up to 45 pounds in a convenient little package!

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