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Hemp Inserts

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Best Bottom Organic Cotton and Hemp Inserts

Five layers of thirsty hemp and organic cotton that create an absorbent yet trim diaper! The top is Hemp and Cotton fleece, a soft-feeling stay dry layer.

The Best Bottom Diapering System is a two-piece diaper. Choose your favorite Best Bottom Cover, snap in the Hemp and Organic Cotton insert and wrap it on your baby! When it comes time to change, just remove the soiled insert and snap in a clean one.

Best Bottom Hemp Insert Sizing

With three sizes, you are guaranteed a perfect fit. 

Size Small Inserts

  • Birth to 14 pounds
  • Green Edge

Size Medium Inserts

  • 11 to 22 pounds
  • White Edge

Size Large Inserts

  • 16-36 pounds
  • Blue Edge

Why sizes?

Best Bottom chose to have a sized insert system to accompany theirone-size covers in order to give parents the best of both worlds. The problem with one-size diapers is they are bulky on small babies and often don't fit toddlers well enough. But the idea of one-size diapers have a once-and-done appeal to parents. Best Bottom chose to create a one-size cover because the cover is the expensive part of the equation when putting a diaper together. This way you can continue to use the same covers throughout your baby's diapering days. Using a sized insert inside your cover means you have less bulk. Less bulk means less leaks.

But inevitably your baby will grow. As they age you might find that you need more absorbency in their diaper. The easiest way to do this is with a larger insert, which now fits inside the one-size cover on a larger setting.

Do I need all three sizes?

Best Bottom Diapers are a two-piece system consisting of an outer waterproof shell and an inside absorbent liner. Having two separate pieces makes cloth diapering more affordable, and the snap-in system makes using Best Bottom Diapers easy!

No! Most parents find they can easily skip one of the three sizes. Which size you skip is entirely dependent on your baby's growth pattern and your needs. While it makes the most sense to start with the small size and skip the mediums, going straight to the large when the time comes, some parents will prefer the trimness of the medium size inserts and choose to go with those over the large.

Hemp or Stay Dry?

We love natural fibers. For us there's no competition between the Best Bottom Organic Hemp and Cotton Inserts and the Stay Dry Microfiber Inserts, we'd choose hemp every time, hands down. But there are some reasons families might not choose hemp.

The biggest benefit we find to natural fibers is their easy care. They usually wash and dry much better than their synthetic counterparts and can take on a much more vigorous routine and still last through multiple children. Hemp in particular is also more absorbent, not only pulling in the moisture but locking it in place so you don't get an extremely wet diaper that squishes out.

Drawbacks for hemp include a certain odor that is just a natural part of the hemp fiber. Some say it smells like wet dog when the hemp is wet. This is completely normal, and while it may be managed by washing routine, don't be alarmed if you find your hemp has this slight odor. (Any strong odors are indicative that something needs to change in your washing routine.) Another issue hemp might develop is stiffness. Once again, totally natural, but a change in washing and natural softeners like Wool Dryer Balls will help.

How Many Best Bottom Diapers Do I Need?

The beauty of the Best Bottom Diapering System is all in the numbers. You will need more inserts and less outside covers, cutting your diapering costs in half as compared to all in one diapers.

For The First Six Months We Recommend:
36 Diaper Changes
12 Best Bottom Diaper Covers
36 Best Bottom Hemp Cotton Inserts (Small Size)

For Six Months And Up We Recommend:
24 Diaper Changes
8 Best Bottom Diaper Covers
24 Best Bottom Hemp Cotton Inserts (Medium or Large Size)

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