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The Best Bottom Diapering System consists of two parts, the outer waterproof shell and inside absorbent liners that snap into place.

Best Bottom Diaper Shells come in both snap and hook and loop closure. They are a one-size cover, meaning they will fit from birth to 35 pounds. 

Best Bottom Diaper FeaturesIn order to get the best fit from the Best Bottom cover, snap the line of three snaps on the front of the shell together to select the proper rise for your child. Usually babies under four months will need the diaper snapped all the way up, babies 4-9 months will need the diaper on the middle setting, and babies over nine months will need the diaper cover opened to its largest setting.

Please note that our sizing recommendations will vary between children and it is possible your baby could need to go down a size, instead of up, especially in the toddler years when children tend to thin out and grow taller.

Best Bottom Diaper Shells have leg gussets, an extra piece of elasticised waterproof material around the leg openings. This gusset helps contain messes better and gives the diaper a deeper center, allowing the inserts to stay in place. Best Bottoms recommends pulling the leg gusset out from the diaper and around your baby's legs after putting the diaper on your baby. Also make sure that none of the cloth from your Best Bottom Insert sticks outside the cover. If it does, just tuck it back in under the elastic.

We recommend 8-10 Best Bottom Shells for cloth diapering full time with the Best Bottom system. You can then choose your inserts based on your child's size. Have at least 24 inserts on hand in the proper size.

Best Bottom Easy Cloth Diaper SystemBest Bottom Shells can be reused throughout the day. If they become soiled, get a clean shell. If they are only damp on the inside, simply allow that shell to dry while using another. The best situation is to use two Best Bottom diaper shells throughout the day, one is on the baby and the other is waiting to be used. When it is time to change the baby, simply swap the covers and allow the one that was used to air dry before using again. If your cover does get a bit of soil on it, you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Best Bottom Shells can also work as a cover over prefolds, fitted diapers or with other inserts, but we are sure you will find the snap-in Best Bottom Inserts create a diaper that is as easy as an all-in-one without the hefty price!

All Best Bottom products are Made in the USA!

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