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BB Slen Woven Wrap

BB Slen

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The Babylonia BB Slen Woven Wrap is ideal for carrying your child from newborn until they no longer wish to be carried. The woven fabric has optimal diagonal stretch and superior support. 

BB Slen Woven Wraps

- Stimulate psychological and motor development

- Your baby feels safe and protected

- Safe and comfortable for both of you

BB Slen Wrap Sizing:
BB Slen Woven Wraps are available in four sizes. 2.6 meters or standard wrap size 2 is good for rebozo carrying and slip knots. 4.6 meters is a standard wrap size 6, good for average size wearers in all carries. 4.9 meters is between size 6 and size 7 in standard woven wrap sizing and is good for above average wearers. 5.6 meters is a standard size 8 wrap, ideal for plus size wearers or for those who like to do fancy tie offs or convert the wrap to something new!


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