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Babywearing for Birth Workers

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DATE: September 10, 2017 (Sunday)
TIME: 1:00pm, expect six hours minimum.

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Created for pre- and post-partum professionals and volunteers, this workshop will equip the birth worker to provide sound advice and support to their client families.

Course Outline

  • Why Promote Babywearing? Benefits for the infant and caregivers.
  • A History of Carrying in Modern Times. Regulations which affect the baby carrier product category.
  • Babywearing Safely. Easy to use safety tips to assist your clients in wearing safely.
  • Hands-on instruction and education in each of the main carrier categories. Ring Sling, Wraps, Mei Tai/Meh Dai, Soft Structured/Buckle Carriers. 

Intended Audience and Outcome

This course is designed to give you tools to effectively teach others in the art of babywearing. Those who work with expectant families, pregnant people, infants and families with children under age two will benefit from this information. Upon completion you will have an understanding of the evolution of baby carriers in modern times and the data which has guided safety regulations. You will know what to look for when helping clients choose and use safe carriers including best practices for infant positioning. You will be able to give one-on-one instruction in the four major carrier styles and have an easy-to-remember vocabulary of helpful phrases so you can feel confident your clients will be able to replicate safe babywearing on their own. You will also be energized with the knowledge of how being carried positively affects the human infant which will guide your encouragement of this practice.

Course Schedule

Sunday, September 10 at 1pm
This workshop will have a minimum of six hours of instruction. We will take comfort breaks and a break for dinner. 

About the Instructor

This class is taught by Alissa DeRouchie, a Certified Babywearing Educator with Center for Babywearing Studies. She has over 13 years of babywearing experience and has taught others for over 12 years. She has experienced firsthand the modern evolution of babywearing which gives her a unique perspective on the many carrier choices and carrying guidelines available today.

CERPs and CEUs

This class can qualify for CERP and CEU credits. Filing for these credits is an additional fee. Please contact us if this is something you are interested in.

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