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Adult Amber - Cylindrical Multi

Adult Amber - Cylindrical Multi

The Amber Monkey

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If you're serious about amber, this is the necklace for you! Large cylindrical beads bored from larger pieces of amber make this amber necklace a statement piece. Smooth polished exterior with a good weight and presence.

The multi colored version of the cylindrical necklace is so unique because each individual bead varies in color and you can see the transitions from light to dark. The lighter parts are more translucent allowing light to bounce through the beads.

Our amber is certified authentic. The larger beads of the adult sized necklaces will show imperfections and sometimes inclusions (bits of material preserved in the amber before it hardened).

The Cylindrical Multi necklace lays flat on the skin giving you maximum contact. The smooth beads are comfortable for constant wear.

Cylindrical Multi is available in 17-18" length. Screw clasp.

Please wipe with a clean damp cloth. Do not expose to chlorine, oils or lotions as they can damage the amber.

Disclaimer: For external use only. Designed to be worn only under the supervision of an adult. Do not put in mouth. This item contains small parts. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.