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2-ply Bamboo Inserts

2-ply Bamboo Inserts


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Nothing beats bamboo for the ultra-soft luxurious feel. Did you know that bamboo also doesn't feel cold when wet? Just another reason it makes an excellent diapering choice!

AppleCheeks Bamboo Inserts are two layers of 70% viscose rayon from bamboo and 30% organic cotton fleece. The insert is approximately 12" x 15" (it will shrink a bit when fully prepped).

It's the perfect size for trifolding and laying inside any cover or stuffing inside your Apple Cheeks Envelope Cover, giving you six layers of thirsty bamboo.

We love bamboo and cotton blends for their softness. They wash up easily and don't retain odors. Bamboo retains twice as much moisture as cotton alone (by weight) and its antimicrobial properties are a healthy choice for your baby's bottom.

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