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Shipping time estimates given are transit times and do not include the time needed to pack and ship your order. While we aim to ship all orders within two business days, some circumstances may require a longer processing time. Orders which have free standard shipping applied should arrive within two weeks of your order date.


If you wish to cancel your order, please inform us by email as soon as possible. Orders which have already been shipped cannot be canceled, but we are happy to cancel any order which has not already been dispatched.


We want you to be happy with your purchase! Please contact us by email as soon as possible if your order did not arrive as expected. Any errors with your order will be handled quickly and to your satisfaction.

We are happy to accept returns on unworn, unwashed items which are new in their original packaging and have all tags attached. Before sending a return, please contact us to request an authorization and get the proper address for returns.

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return any items. Items returned after 30 days are handled on a case-by-case basis and will only be offered store credit if a return is approved.

In store purchases and online purchases are handled separately. All online purchases must request an RMA before a return can be processed. We cannot accept online sale returns in the store without this RMA and its approval. Additionally, all online sale inquires are best handled via email (please use our Contact Form) as our in-store sales staff does not handle online orders.

Full Refunds

These refund policies apply both to online and in-store purchases, with the only exception that online returns must have an RMA before being returned.

New items which are returned within 30 days, have not been removed from their original packaging or have not had their tags removed will be given a full refund via the same method of payment. Any item which was shipped to you will not have shipping fees returned, and if your purchase qualified for free shipping, the original shipping charge will be deducted from your refund.

Any free items which were given to you upon your purchase must also be returned before a refund can be issued. This applies to special offers which you may have taken advantage of at purchase and Buy X, Get Y Free sales. For example, if you purchased 5 diapers and qualified to get one free, you cannot return only one diaper for a refund. You must return at least two diapers and you will only be given a refund for one.

Clearance items are final sale and may not be returned. Clearance items are usually marked with a red line through the tag or a new price written on the tag. Purchases from our semi-annual Sprout Swap are also final sale.

Store Credit

We will issue store credit for items that were removed from their packaging or tried on. This policy applies baby carriers and cloth diapers, both in-store and online.

Cloth Diapers: We understand that you may need to try a cloth diaper on your child before determining whether it is a good fit. For some diaper products this is an easy process, for example you may try a cloth diaper cover on your child over a clean and dry prefold or fitted. If the cover is on your child for only a few seconds to check the fit, we can accept a return on this item under our normal policies. The majority of cloth diapers, however, cannot be tried on without the diaper touching your child's private parts and therefore cannot be returned for a refund. Please consider cloth diapers personal items. Because the only way we can determine whether or not a diaper has been tried on in this manner is if it is still like new in its original packaging, any diaper whose packaging has been opened will not be given a refund. If the diaper is still in new condition and the packaging is with the diaper, we will offer you 100% store credit. Diapers which have been washed or which do not have packaging present or intact will be handled under our 'Used Items' policy.

Baby Carriers Choosing a baby carrier is not an easy process. Every carrier has a different fit and feel and you will need to try it on before deciding if it is right for you. Because trying it on requires removing the carrier from its original packaging and using it, in most cases we cannot offer you a cash-back refund for a baby carrier. We will offer you 100% Store Credit for a baby carrier that is returned in like-new condition (ie only tried on for a few minutes at home). Please note that blemishes which may occur to the carrier during use may make the carrier fail our inspection. These blemishes may include, but are not limited to: drool or spit up on the carrier, purchase and use Carrier Drool Pads to reduce the possibility of this issue; pet hair; strong odors like perfume and smoke; lint; wrinkled carriers from shoving them back in packaging instead of gently folding them; and missing items, like instruction books, hang tags, registration cards or packaging. If your return has any of these issues, it will fall under our 'Used Items' policy.

All Other Products If your purchased product is in packaging, the package must be intact when the item is returned. If the package was opened, and especially if a sticker was ripped or the packaging was ripped when the package was open, your return will only qualify for store credit.

Used Item Policy

If you do not want to accept store credit for your used item return, we may be able to give you a cash refund under our Used Item Policy. Please note that inspecting items for this type of return takes extra time, so we will not be able to offer an immediate refund. Please follow these instructions if you would like a cash refund for an item that does not otherwise qualify for a full refund.


  1. Request an RMA if your purchase was made online.
  2. Return the purchase to us following the instructions given, or bring the item in to the store.
  3. We will inspect your item, a process which can take up to one week. Once this is complete we will contact you with your refund options.


The amount of your cash refund will depend on the condition of the item returned and how long it has been since your purchase. We will deduct between 5 and 50% of your purchase price depending on its condition. Used items are sold in our semi-anual Sprout Swap, and you can see common selling prices of used items on our Swap Pricing Guide page. We will use this guide to determine the amount of refund you will receive.

You do have the right to refuse our offer and have the item returned to you. Shipping charges will be your responsibility.

Right of Refusal

Sprout Soup reserves the right to refuse any order that we feel may be risky. These include, but are not limited to, orders which do not pass all security risk checks, orders with shipping addresses outside the United States, orders in which credit cards may have been fraudulently used.

We also reserve the right to refuse returns on items when the return does not follow the policies listed here.