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Low Cost Carriers

We believe every baby should be worn. Some little ones have special circumstances that make wearing even more important! We want to help get babies into carriers, and we always have free or low-cost options available for families in need.

Carriers for Babywearing Groups

We have found that babywearing groups are most interested in the current models of popular carriers for their group members to try before buying. This does not reflect the type of carrier that we have available in our Carry It Forward Program. We will work with groups to provide free or low cost carriers, but we require that group members make purchases through our store to earn those carriers. Since we are a retail store and not the manufacturer, this helps us offset the costs we pay for the carriers. 

Free and Low Cost Carrier Options

As you can probably imagine, we get a lot of requests for free carriers. It can take us time to wade through and determine what we have that will fit the bill for each inquiry. Please give us as much information as possible and consider adding to our Carry It Forward fund so we can continue to provide carriers to families like yours!

Terms and Conditions
USA residents only. Filling out this form is not a guarantee that you will receive a carrier. Carriers are given as-is. Most have already been used as demo's, rentals or samples and will not come with packaging. We ask that you return or donate carriers that do not work for you, they should not be sold.