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About Us

Hi! We're the DeRouchie Family. In 2003 our first son was born and carrying him was a must! We tried lots of carriers and found that many other families had the same trouble finding something that would work for them. Sprout Soup was started as a service to Central Ohio families to help with finding and using comfortable and functional carriers.

While we have over a decade of experience, the Sprout Soup name didn't come to be until 2006. At that time we added cloth diapers to our lineup, giving local customers a place to see cloth in person before choosing what to buy.

In 2008 we opened our retail store. Now Columbus families could just walk in and get expert help with carriers and cloth diapers!

In 2013 we were surprised by the impending arrival of our third son (you can find him on Instagram and Facebook, search #babysprout). We decided it would be best for our family to scale back again and serve customers by appointment only. This allows us to have a more balanced family life yet still continue to offer our quality product lines.

Sprout Soup is a Business Member of the BCIA, and Alissa served on the BCIA Board of Directors from 2010 through 2012. Alissa also trained with Center for Babywearing Studies as a Babywearing Educator. She currently serves on the board for Cloth Diaper Connection, a local non-profit organization that lends cloth diapers to families in need.

See our appointments page to schedule a time to come in and see us.