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Woven Wraps

Woven Baby WrapsSimilar to stretchy wraps, the woven wrap baby carrier is a long piece of fabric that you wrap around yourself and the baby to hold them comfortably and securely to your body.

Woven wraps can seem like intimidating baby carriers. The question we hear most often is "Won't baby fall out?" Of course we wouldn't promote a carrier that your baby could fall out of! We want all babies to be safe and secure and the best place for this is on your body (unless you are in a car, of course, then put them in a carseat!).

Wrap carriers use a length of fabric to wrap around both you and your baby. There are many different ways for you to wrap the cloth, the way you choose to wrap will depend on your baby's age and size and what feels comfortable to you.

Different than most other baby carriers, woven wraps come in sizes. You will choose the size based on how you wish to carry and your body size and type.

 Didymos Woven Wrap

Didymos Woven Wraps