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TotsBots EasyFit

The trim fit and durability of the Tots Bots One Size Easy Fit diaper makes it a top pick for families looking for a diaper to last through multiple children.

Similar to a pocket diaper, the Easy Fit has an opening in the back which gets stuffed, but instead of a separate piece, the stuffer is attached to the diaper for a quick turn and go. The pocket function makes the one-size adjustability function easy, just snap up or unsnap as needed with the stuffer out, then stuff, folding if necessary. The pocket also allows you to place extra absorbency, like a Thirsties Hemp Insert under the attached insert.

The Tots Bots is now new and improved with a soft minky liner! The EasyFit v3 interior minky is a soft material is a quick abosrber that will hold a lot of wetness! Protective side guards made of anti-wicking, soft brushed polyester prevents compression wetness. 

Tots Bots Easy Fit Details

The EasyFit will fit babies between 8-35 lbs, it is a one-size diaper adjusting with snaps down the front. We do caution that one-size diapers do not fit newborn babies, even if they are born at 8 pounds. Wait until they have a little meat on their thighs and the one-size diapers will provide much better leak protection.

Manufactured in a dedicated factory in Glasgow, Scotland from environmentally friendly fabrics and Oeko-tex certified dyes. 

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