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Prefold Diapers

Prefold diapers are what many think of as burp cloths, although cloths made specifically for burping are different from those made for diapering. Diapering prefolds are all natural materials, while burp cloths often have some polyester content. Diapering prefolds are layers of the cotton or cotton and hemp fibers, creating a thicker section in the center of the prefold. Diapering prefolds will fluff up and get a quilt-like texture to them when washed, whereas burp cloths with polyester content will stay flat.

All prefold diapers need a cover to keep the wetness inside. There are many benefits to this two-piece system. The inside prefold can be changed out while the outside cover is reused, meaning you need less outside covers (which tends to be the most expensive piece of the diaper), and also the inside diaper and cover being separate means you have two layers of protection against leaks.

We find prefolds to be one of the best at containing newborn baby poop because they can be folded and fastened to fit your unique baby!

Prefolds and Covers

Inexpensive. Two pieces mean two layers of protection against leaks and blow-outs.

Some people are intimidated by the prefold, it takes a little time to get used to folding it.

Recommended Quantities Newborn:
36 Prefolds, 8-10 Covers

Recommended Quantities 6 Months +:
24 Prefolds, 6 Covers

Average Start Up Cost: $200