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Kinderpack baby carriers for sale

Kinderpack Baby Carriers

The Gold Standard in comfortable, functional and fashionable baby carriers for today's modern parent. Made in the USA of top quality materials.

Kinderpacks have a unique contoured body panel which conforms to baby's bottom, comfortably cradling their legs. The shape of the carrier keeps baby's bottom lower than his knees, the recommended positioning for long-term wearing. The carrier is also one of the widest available, meaning baby's legs don't dangle. Dangling legs can reduce circulation and cause discomfort!

Kinderpack Child Sizes

Unlike other carriers which are one-size-fits-most, the Kinderpack Carrier comes in four different sizes to fit your child perfectly at any stage. Dimensions of each size and their age ranges are listed below. We do not recommend "sizing up" in the Kinderpack. Standard and Toddler sizes are very generous and will fit children for a long time. Much longer than they will need or want to be carried!

Size: 15" high x 9"-15" wide (adjustable base)
Recommended Age: Newborn through 18 months
Price: $189
The adjustable base Kinderpack has a buckle mechanism that allows the parent to cinch the base of the carrier to different widths to allow very young babies to be legs out, with proper positioning.

Size: 16" high x 17" wide
Recommended Age: 8 months through 3 years
Price: $179
Standard size is the right choice for most people. It will fit up to three years old or a size 4T child.  This is the size to buy if you want to buy one carrier without having to size up later.

Size: 18" high x 19" wide
Recommended Age: 18 months through 4+ years
Price: $179
Toddler size fits children who are at least 25 pounds and 32" tall. Please be aware there is a large size difference between standard and toddler size, and minimum recommended size is the bare minimum, yet it still may be too large for some children who meet those minimums.

Size: 20" high x 20" wide
Recommended Age: 3 through 5 years
Price: $179
This is great for big kids and kids with special needs who will need to be carried for long periods of time through the preschool years. Minimum height and weight for the child is 35 pounds and 38" tall, truly the largest child carrier made.

All height measurements are without the headrest. Add 2.5" to the overall height.

All Kinderpacks have a 50 pound weight limit. 50 pounds!!

Fits womens size 4 through 22

ALL OUR KINDERPACKS HAVE PFAs (Perfect Fit Adjusters) which allow the shoulder straps to be adjusted in front. This helps with the fit on petite moms and broad-shouldered dads.

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