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sbish Snapless Mini Fitted - Sustainablebabyish Newborn Diaper

Sbish Snapless Mini


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Sustainablebabyish Snapless-Mini

A smaller Snapless Fitted for a better fit on your brand new babe. Remember, size is everything when it comes to leak protection! The Snapless-Mini can be used with pins or a Snappi to close for a perfect fit every time.

Sbish Snapless Versatility

Sustainablebabyish Snapless fitted diapers are made with a heavy bamboo and organic cotton terry body with turned and topstitched leg elastic, which means the ultimate in comfort for your newborn. Also included is one X-small 3-layer organic bamboo fleece doubler to add absorbency. More doublers can be added for additional wetness protection. One pin is also included.

Sbish Snapless Sizing Details

Sbish Snapless Mini Multi Fitted Diaper SustainablebabyishSustainablebabyish Snapless-Mini Fitted diapers are contour diapers, meaning they do not have snap or velcro closures on the diaper. For your brand new baby, turn the front down to easily get the fitted under the umbilical cord stump. As your baby grows you can reduce the fold until it is completely open.

The Snapless-Mini is a newborn diaper, fitting from 5 to 15 pounds. Many babies can use this diaper through four months, some may get six months of use out of the Snapless-Mini before needing to move up to the Snapless-Multi.

Fitted Diapers Need Covers

Sbish Snapless are fitted diapers, meaning they are just the absorbent portion of your diapering system. You need to add a waterproof outer layer (a cover) to keep the wetness inside and off your little ones clothes.

Of course the best pair with Sustainablebabyish diapers is Sustainablebabyish wool! We especially recommend this as your overnight solution. But if you're looking for something a bit more affordable, any of our laminated covers will do the trick.

Sbish Snapless Mini Details and Care

Fabric Content: 70% Viscose from Bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton, 2% Poly

Doubler Content: 70% Viscose from Bamboo, 30% Organic Cotton

Laundering Instructions: Pre-wash in cold without detergent. Wash on hot using the appropriate amount of cloth diaper safe detergent. Bamboo will line dry beautifully and not be crunchy like a cotton or hemp diaper, but if you would like to dry in your dryer, Sloomb recommends low heat and dryer balls to help speed the drying process.

Sbish Snapless Mini Fitted Diaper Size Chart 

newborns 5-15 lbs

*All measurements/age/weight ranges are approximate.
(please use measurements first to determine size)


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