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OsoCozy Fitted


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All the convenience of a fitted diaper at a fraction of the cost! Made from unbleached birdseye cotton (like our super absorbent cotton flats), sewn into a two-size diaper that snaps on and has curve-hugging elastic sides and back.

The diaper itself has four full-width layers, an interior center of four more cotton layers and an attached pad with four more layers.

Long-lasting, trouble-free birdseye cotton washes up soft and has a back-to-basics feel with updated ease-of-use.

OsoCozy® Two Size Fitted Diaper
Approximate Baby Weight
Layering (side -middle -side)
Small 7 to 18 lbs. 4X12X4
18 to 30lbs. 4X12X4
* Diaper sizes ranges are approximate and may be a little different for your baby.

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