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Fidella Fly Tai

A wrap conversion Mei Tai with padded to wrap straps, a padded waistband and an adjustable panel size. The Fidella Fly Tai is nothing if not big on benefits. 

Why would you choose a wrap conversion Mei Tai over a standard Mei Tai or just a wrap? Simply, because it is the best of both worlds. The Fidella Fly Tai gives you the snug, supportive and comfortable carry that a woven wrap can give, but with the ease of use of a Mei Tai. For those who might be a little unsure of wrapping or who just want a carrier that's quicker to put on, a wrap conversion Mei Tai is the answer.

Fidella Fly Tai Features

  • Usable from 3 months to toddler
  • Completely manufactured from sling fabric (100% organic cotton); foam padding 100% polyester)
  • No plastic or metal parts
  • Adjustable panel height from 9.5 to 19 inches
  • Adjustable panel width from 4 to 17.5 inches
  • Infinite adjustment settings with tie-offs
  • Waist strap and shoulder straps have different ends for easier distinction (waist strap round, shoulder strap pointed)
  • Fits wearers from clothing size XS (4) up to size 6XL (24)
  • Use with children up to 30 pounds

This carrier is compliant to ASTM F2236-14