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Didymos Baby Wraps with free shipping in the USA!

Didymos was my first woven wrap, so they hold a special place in my heart. In these days of new baby wrap companies every fifteen minutes, Didymos has stood the test of time, creating their beautiful woven creations since 1972.

If you are looking for your first woven wrap, a 100% cotton Didymos is a great place to start. You can choose from the gorgeous Indios, they become soft and moldable with little effort. Hemp is also a great fiber in woven wraps, they take a bit more dedication to soften up, but once they get to marshmallowy soft they will for sure be your favorite.

If the Indios don't catch your eye, any of the jacquard weave wraps would be wonderful as well. You will know a jacquard weave because they have a pattern or picture in them. They also have a right side and a wrong side on which the colors are reversed. This can be helpful for beginning wrappers because you will know if the wrap has twisted.

Finally, the Lisca style of wrap is a perfect newborn wrap. It has quite a bit of diagonal stretch, meaning it will form easily around you and your baby. In longer lengths, this style of wrap can be used for toddlers in multi-pass carries.

Didymos Wraps are machine woven in Germany in a dedicated facility. They use organic cotton yarns and oversee the dying process of every color so that they are as pure and allergen-free as possible.