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Connecta Baby Carriers

Now available in the USA, Connecta Baby Carriers!

So you've tried to score a Kinderpack with koolnit, but just can't seem to cart one of those elusive carriers? That's one of the reasons we decided to bring in the Connecta Baby Carrier and their Solarweave option! Solarweave is a lightweight but strong fabric that is breathable, can be used near water and also provides some protection from the sun.

If you're not in to the Connecta Solar, we also have the Connecta standard available, made from organic cotton canvas.

Connecta Baby Carrier USA

The Connecta carriers are structured and supportive, patterned after the Chinese Mei Tai carrier and updated with quick release buckles on the shoulder and waist straps. The Connecta has padded straps for comfort, but unlike many buckle carriers it has an unpadded waist. This unpadded wast does not mean that it lacks support! Many wearers find this style of waist to actual improve the support of the carrier overall because it can more easily conform to the wearer's body. When carriers have rigid waist bands, they often don't fit every wearer. They can gap around the waist or hips, cause the baby's bottom to slide down in-between the wearer and the waist belt or just not properly move baby's weight to the wearer's legs. Another benefit of the unstructured waist belt is the ability to wear it higher on your body.

The Connecta Baby Carrier has a wide base to support the child's bottom and legs in comfortable and optimal positioning. All Connecta Carriers have integrated sleeping hoods which can also be pushed to the inside of the carrier, providing a handy pocket when the hood isn't in use. 

We stock two sizes of Connecta Carriers. The Standard size can be used from birth by using the included Accessory Strap to cinch the base of the carrier. The Toddler Connecta is recommended for toddlers 18 months and older.