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Washy Wafers

Sheepish Grins

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What do you use Washy Wafers for?

  • Natural cloth wipe solution
  • Hand soap on-the-go
  • Individual face wash

Our Favorite Wipe Solution

Washy Wafers are our favorite way to use cloth wipes! Our set up for #babysprout is a Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer and a stack of Reusable Baby Wipes. A couple times a week (usually after washing diapers), we put a stack of clean wipes in the wipes warmer. One or two Washy Wafers get dissolved in a cup of hot water from our kettle. After the wafer has disolved, one more cup of cool water is added and the solution is ready to be poured over the wipes.

Sweet Orange is #babysprout's favorite scent. It makes changing time a little more bearable!

While we like our wipes wet and ready to go, you could also put the solution in a spray bottle to wet the wipes as needed.

Washy Wafer Ingredients

Coconut oil, palm kernel oil, shea butter, spring water, goat's milk, sodium hydroxide. May also contain essential oils or fragrance oils.

Scented Washy Wafers may be a different color from what is pictured here. This is completely normal.

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