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Blueberry Simplex

The Simplex diaper is a favorite at Sprout Soup! We loved our Newborn Simplex up until #babysprout was six months old, and he's still using his One Size Simplex, they're our favorite!

Simplex are an all in one diaper, which means you don't need a separate outside cover or inserts or anything. It's all there for you, ready to go. The inside is a cotton birdseye, super absorbent, yet still trim.

Newborn Simplex have a snap-down for the umbilical cord. The Side Snap Simplex are sized in Medium and Large for a great fit on every child, and the side snap design means it lays flat against your child's belly. The  One Size Simplex has the traditional snap down sizing, and it also has an optional stay dry layer.