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Beco Soleil

The Beco Soleil Baby Carrier has three carrying positions: front, back and hip. With a built-in pocket, key and toy ring, the Beco Soleil is a full-featured carrier that can carry babies from 7 to 45 pounds. (Babies under 15 pounds should use the infant insert)

With a wide base and padded leg openings, the Soleil is the perfect grow-through-toddlerhood carrier. The shape of the carrier helps support your child in the preferred seated position, putting the child's knees above their bum and keeping the weight off their back.

Who Should Choose the Beco Soleil?

Parents who are looking for a carrier that will last a long time should take a look at the Beco Soleil. As your baby grows, their carrier needs change, they need a higher backand a wide seat to stay comfortable in the carrier. While your Beco Soleil will require an infant insert for babies under 15 pounds, this is the best way to have one carrier that can be used from 7 pounds yet still accomodate larger kids.

Without an infant insert, the Beco Soleil falls into our structured carrier category best for infants 4 months of age and older. 

What Positions Does the Soleil Accomodate?

We love the Soleil for its versatility! It does three positions, front carry, hip carry and back carry. In a front carry the shoulder straps are able to be crossed in an X behind you, which makes such a comfortable carry. An X on the back is what we prefer for front carries in all buckle carriers that will accomodate it!

If you find that your curious baby is no longer happy facing you, especially around the 5 to 9 month range, you can configure your Beco Soleil into a hip carry. This position allows you free hands and gives your child a view of the world to assuage their curiosity, but still gives them the ability to look at your face, watch your reactions and learn from you!

At six months you can configure your Beco Soleil into a back carrier. In this position the straps are "backpack style" and there is an attached chest clip which will keep the straps in place on your shoulders.

What is the Beco Soleil Weight Range?

The Beco Soleil baby carrier will accomodate infants and toddlers from 15 to 45 pounds without the infant insert. Purchase the infant insert and start using your Soleil with babies as small as 7 pounds.

What Are the Measurements of the Beco Soleil?

The body of the Beco Soleil carrier is 16" wide x 17" tall. 

The shoulder straps of the carrier will adjust from 18" to a total of 45" long. The waist belt in its smallest setting is 27" long (equivalent to a size 0), and will expand to 59" in length. All webbing has elastic loop ends so you can roll and tuck the excess length, keeping it from dangling.