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Beco Gemini

With four different positions and a weight range from 7-35 pounds, the Beco Gemini Baby Carrier will be the first and last baby carrier you will ever need.

Designed for parents who are looking for comfort and function in an easy to use package, the Beco Gemini is a single-piece baby carrier with a range of positions and varying configurations. Use it with your newborn, up against your chest, for kangaro care. Use it with your three month old facing forward so he can experience the world around him. Your six month old will enjoy the hip carry option, comfortable for you and positioned where you can both interact and enjoy each other. Even your toddler can take a ride in the Beco Gemini on your back!

Before you purchase the Baby Bjorn, consider the Beco Gemini. More comfort, more versatility, more bang for your buck.

Who Should Choose the Beco Gemini?

Parents who are attracted to buckle carriers and who would like to begin using the carrier within the first four months of baby's life are encouraged to try the Beco Gemini. We love the snap-in base design on the Gemini. Where the body of the carrier connects to the waist belt, the Beco Gemini has a set of snaps. These can be fastened in for a smaller baby so they can easily get their legs around it, but when your child is about 4 months old, the larger positioning will properly support your child's legs and spine.

While all of our carriers have the wider, ergonomic positioning for your baby, most of them are able to work for a child under four months without adding an infant insert to the carrier. The Beco Gemini is different! This easy snap-fastening adjustment means you can use your Gemini from newborn through toddlerhood without anything extra needed!

Does the Beco Gemini Allow Baby to Face Forward?


As babywearing has grown and become a more popular option for parents, we have noticed many families looking for a carrier that allows the child to face forward. We tend not to advocate for forward-facing carriers except for short periods of time and within the ages of 3 to 8 months old. Before three months of age the baby does not have sufficient head control to forward-face and doing so could cause damage while you are walking. After 8 months your child's weight will cause the forward-facing option to be uncomfortable for you, but also cause undue stress on your child's spine.

But we do know that some parents really like to have their baby facing forward, so the Beco Gemini is the carrier that provides this option to families.

What is the Beco Gemini Weight Range?

The Beco Gemini baby carrier will accomodate infants and toddlers from 7 to 35 pounds.

What Are the Measurements of the Beco Gemini?

The body of the Beco Gemini carrier is 13" wide x 18.5" tall with head rest up, 14" tall with headrest folded.

The shoulder straps of the carrier are 23", with webbing that can be adjusted up to 22" LONGER for a total of 45" long. The waist belt in its smallest setting is 28" long (equivalent to a size 0), and can be adjusted up to 57" in length. All webbing has elastic loop ends so you can roll and tuck the excess length, keeping it from dangling.