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Ring Slings

Baby Sling

The Humble Baby Sling. Refined with fabrics like silk or commonplace cotton, the baby sling is simply a length of cloth with two rings sewn to the end. The cloth is then threaded through the two rings so it can be adjusted, yet locks in place when weight is applied.

We prefer Baby Slings without padding. Believe it or not, these unpadded slings are more comfortable and easier to use than their thick and bulky cousins. An unpadded baby sling moves easily through the rings making adjusting a snap, and the unpadded shoulder portion can spread wide across your back and shoulder, distributing the weight and conforming to your body for a custom fit.

All of our Baby Slings come with a lifetime of help and support from our expert staff. While we feel slings are an important part of your baby carrier library, some people find that they have a long learning curve, so we know it may take a few one-on-one instructions before you have it down pat.