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Lay in an Apple Cheeks Bamboo Insert for an easy-to-use all-in-two solution. The fleece keeps the insert in place, plus keeps the waterproof exterior of the diaper cover away from your baby's skin.

For an all-in-one solution, tuck your insert under the envelope flaps of the cover and voila! Pocket diaper! The ultimate in flexibility.

Apple Cheeks are a two-size diapering system. There are no rise snaps, which is great for babies with skinny legs (the leg openings will always hold snug, not letting anything leak out!) Size one fits until approximately six months, at which time you will move to size two and use that size through the remainder of baby's diapering days.

Even though these diapers are very stretchy and will fit a wide range of babies, it is not advisable to skip the first size! Using a size one diaper means you get a better fit and a better fit means less leaks!

Responsibly made in Canada.