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Fidella Fusion


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The Fidella Fusion carrier is a wrap conversion full buckle (SSC) carrier made from Fidella wrap fabric. 

Just like the Fidella Fly Tai and Onbuhimo carriers, the full buckle fusion has the ability to adjust in height and width to fit babies perfectly from three months and as they grow into toddlerhood. Uncinched, this is a large carrier, comparable in size to the toddler version of many buckle carriers on the market.

The Fusion is also unique in that it has two side buckle positions. The lower position is used for babies who cannot yet sit unassisted, giving them support without causing pressure. For older infants the buckle attaches in a higher position, providing the wearer better comfort for heavier children.

Fidella Fusion Features:

  • Can be used as front and back carrier 
  • Adjustable in the height and width
  • Padded leg openings 
  • Useable from three months 
  • For babies who cannot sit up unassisted, the shoulder strap is attached to the lower back  
  • For babies who sit themselves, the shoulder strap is attached to the upper back 
  • Hip and shoulder straps are soft and not too thickly padded 
  • Hood serves as a neck support or sun protection

Tested according ASTM F2236-14 (USA) and CEN/TR 16512-2015 (EU) and CPSIA compliant.

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