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Green Toys Creates US Jobs

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Recycling Truck From the moment I was introduced to Green Toys I loved them. It was a little bit of a culture shock (I think that’s the right thing to call it) to be so enamored with plastic toys when I had spent months and months searching for and reviewing wood toys to add to our line-up. Finding a plastic toy that I liked seemed somehow . . . wrong.
Recycling Truck
Fun recycling truck made from 100% recycled milk jugs.
But I forced myself to see beyond the plastic. Honesty the plastic used by Green Toysis in a category of its own, anyway. This is not “cheap plastic crap” that you pick up at the dime store and it breaks the next day. Made from post-consumer milk-jug plastic, one of the safest and cleanest plasitcs (HDPE – High-density polyethelene).Green Toys are also made in the USA, in California to be exact. They’re recycling plastic and creating jobs. What could be better? And another little plug for plastic, while we’re at it. Even though wood seems somehow more “green” and natural, plastic is infinitely recycleable. When (IF!) your kids are done with their toy, it can be recycled into something else. Over and over and over again without losing the integrity of the material. If that’s not green, I don’t know what is!

It’s a time of uncertainty for our country, when many people are out of jobs and we’re unsure how to get them back to work. Green Toys is on the front line, creating jobs and doing good for the environment at the same time.

Here’s the president and co-founder of Green Toys recapping the jobs that are created when you buy a US-made Green Toys product. How can you help but be proud of them, proud to be part of their success, and prod to own one of their toys?

Not a Green Toys owner yet? What’s stopping you? You won’t find a better bang for your buck that helps support US jobs. If only every purchase was so easy. If only we could find more companies and more consumers who are committed to strengthening the US economy by keeping their dollars here.

The wheels on a Green Toys truck are thick and chunky, strong enough to put up with a toddler’s rough play. The truck bodies are strong, with all working parts able to withstand the abuse you know your kids can throw at it!

The Green Toys Tea Set, Dish Set, Chef set and the Cookware and Dining Set (which is a combined set of the Dish and Chef items) were so popular with kids and parents alike that the Green Eats line was launched. Parents were serving kids with the proportionately-sized plates and cups, and why not when they’re dishwasher safe?

Block Set Sandwich Shop Stacking Cups School Bus
Block Set Sandwich Shop Stacking Cups School Bus

The quick success of the brand brought many new toys to the lineup. Their “My First Green Toys” are classics aimed at babies and toddlers. The Stacking Cups are a must for every toy box, sandbox and bathtub. The Stacker is a simple stacking toy that babies and toddlers love. New this year are the Sandwich Shop and Pizza Parlor, bringing the success of their kitchen items to new heights. We are also welcoming the Green Toys School Bus for 2011 Holiday (and I’m sure it will be a success).

Green Toys - Keep it Local

Green Toys - Keep it Local

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