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Welcome Joanie Calem!

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We’re thrilled to welcome Joanie Calem and her Music and Movement classes to Sprout Soup!

Joanie’s classes are an active introduction to music focusing on the contrasts in music that are easy for children to feel kinesthetically. Joanie introduces musical terms and explores what those contrasts sound and feel like through complementary poems, folk songs, instrumental music, puppets and rhythm games.

The class is interactive and movement oriented, and well suited to the energy level of a 1-5 year old child! The classes incorporate the seasons and local holidays, connecting the child’s natural world to the songs they are singing and dancing. This class will be offered from 9:30-10:15am on Fridays in 6 week series from January13th – February 17th for $60. Be sure to registar early because space is limited!

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