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One Size versus Sized Cloth Diapers

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One-Size Diapers do not fit newborn babies. Six pounds or ten pounds, new babies are usually very skinny in the legs. One-size diapers don’t have small enough leg openings to prevent leaks from that runny and often explosive newborn poop.

One-Size Diapers are bulkier when your child is small. For parents who are used to the fit of disposable diapers, the switch to cloth can be a little alarming. One-size diapers can exasperate this issue by putting extra bulk around your baby’s bottom. Bulk that they will eventually grow into, but if you prefer a trimmer fitting diaper, go with sized diapers that will always be the perfect size for your little one, no added bulk.

One-Size Diapers might not last through more than one child. Because of the length of time a one-size diaper is used, they are worn and washed a lot! This means once you reach two years in that diaper it has been washed probably 300 or more times. That’s a lot of washing for one diaper. If you split the wearing between sizes, each size is only used for about a third of the time, meaning each diaper will get washed perhaps only 100 times. You can then use those diapers for two more kids before they reach the 300 washings of a pocket diaper.

Sized diapers cost less. Especially in the case of FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diapers, the smaller diapers cost less than the larger diapers, and the small diapers are significantly less than a one-size diaper.

We also recommend you have many more one-size diapers on hand in order to reduce the number of washings each diaper receives. For the majority of one-size diapers we recommend you have at least 36 diapers to start with. This is not the case for sized diapers, as you can start with 24 in the extra small size, and although you might find you are washing more often with 24 versus 36 diapers, the extra small diapers will only be used for a few months, unlike the one-size diapers which will be used for a couple years.

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