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Vision and the Real Deal

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Last month five lucky mamas and myself had the pleasure of spending the evening with Amy Turn Sharp of Little Alouette. She lead our Work at Home Mom Workshop and used her inspiring self to empower us to move forward in our business ventures. We came to her hoping just a little bit of her enthusiasm and panache would rub off on us. She came with brilliant ideas and energy that quickly swept us up and carried us away.

We started the evening by talking about why each of us came, what we are currently doing or what we hope to do. All of our ventures and interests were different, but we found common ground in being mothers.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job
While the idea of making a go of it is appealing, Amy gave us all a good dose of reality. It is hard to make it big with home ventures. Especially while being a mom. Being able to stay with your kids is a blessing, but being a mother is a full time job in its own right.

She encouraged us to give our business ideas a try before jumping in head first. On the flip side, however, Amy encouraged us to hire help quickly. Find people to do the jobs we didn’t like to do or couldn’t handle on our own. Can’t pay them yet? Maybe that’s not a problem. Make trades, cut deals, find ways to give and take that may not include dollars so you can continue to grow your business without feeling suffocated by it.

For moms, this trade can often include child care. Find a friend to trade off babysitting with so you can each pursue your own interests kid-free.

Just Do It
Some of the moms who attended the workshop were stuck on what to do and how to do it. While this can be a common hurdle when you’re first getting started, push past that and just do.

Your business, like your ideas, can be fluid and can change and grow and evolve with your needs and as you figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Marketing Plans from the Maven
Likely the most valuable thing we all took from the workshop is a five minute mini marketing plan that Amy put together for each of us. With our own goals, desires and ideas in mind, Amy outlined a few things that each of us could work on in order to grow our business.


In her energetic style she drew up our mini plans for utilizing social networks like Twitter and Facebook, starting shops on Etsy or Cafe Press, or seeking out connections in the community to further our entrepreneurial desires.

For Sprout Soup, Amy told me to get on Twitter and be the go-to for natural parenting advice and resources in Central Ohio. While I have had a Twitter account for a while, I’m certainly not putting it to good use, nor am I making any connections via that platform. So I’m giving it a try and working on posting there a few times a day. If you are a Twitter user, please find me @SproutSoup.

I hope to use Twitter to give parents bits of information on healthy options for their families. If Amy thinks I can do it, then I’m sure I can do it! I would love to cross-promote and work with other local businesses who focus on natural options, so send me a DM! (See, I’m already talking in Twitter lingo)

I think it is safe to say we all left the workshop energized and inspired. Amy and I have talked about doing another workshop soon. Would you like to come?


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