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How Fast CAN You Change A Diaper?

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Dad vs Diaper

Dads are strong. Dads are fun. Dads change diapers!

Bring your favorite dad and baby in to Sprout Soup between June 16th and August 4th and show us how fast he can change a diaper. The fastest diaper changing dude on the block will be entered to win this fabulous prize pack from BumGenius:

CAN Challenge Prizes

In addition, Sprout Soup will give away one Freetime Cloth Diaper every week during the promotion! We will choose a random winner from among our participants and draw for a winner every Friday from the previous week’s entries.

Here’s how you CAN participate. Bring your man (it can be dad, grandpa, uncle or just a friend, but it has to be a male) in to Sprout Soup any day during our business hours. Let us know you are there to participate in the challenge. The participant will change your baby’s diaper (cloth or disposable is fine!) while being timed by a Sprout Soup employee.

Sprout Soup will keep a leader board during the challenge and post the fastest times! The fastest time competes nationally with all the participating stores across the country and the absolute fastest time wins the prize package from BumGenius!

Take the CAN Challenge


Take the CAN Challenge starting this Saturday, June 16 at Sprout Soup!

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